DIGITAL LOVE LANGUAGES ♡ Codes of Affirmation

At the School for Poetic Computation Online

instructor melanie hoff
teaching assistants max fowler, adina glickstein, amber officer-narvasa
duration 10 weeks online
time tues 1-4pm, wed 5-8pm with 35 students


?  As our daily activities and closest relationships become increasingly bound up with corporate systems of surveillance and exploitation, let’s explore and cultivate code as a love language that can be gentle, healing, and intimate. How do we want to live in a post COVID-19 world, and what role do we want technology to play? Digital Love Languages: Codes of Affirmation is a class about building poetic tools for online communion through a re-introduction to computers. This class is also a call to action for expanding computation’s capacity for fostering interdependence and feeling.

?  Together we will build small and personal software for affirming one another across physical distance. Technology will be unpacked as a social process, not only a logic or material, regarding code as a craft and medium capable of expressing the full range of feeling and desire.

?  This course covers the building blocks of programming and natural language processing using Python & Javascript in the browser. Networks of people and computers become fertile sites for ambient and playful communication. We will look to the history of the love letter as a form, from the quill to the sext.
Through coding with langugage and in the browser, we can facilitate a kind of care that happens in small moments of routine.↝

Week 1 ◌ 6.16 ◌ 6.17

  • Intentions
  • Acknowledgements
  • Zoom terror
  • TA introductions
  • Code of Conduct
  • Software notes

Digital Love Languages [[now]] the conditions of a virus of body and mind – of lungs and skin, of exclusion and domination. How does the digital harm and how does it hold?What are your love languages? What are your digital love languages? Have these, if they have, changed in response to COVID and BLM? What kinds of relationships can hold love for you?

Week 2 ◌ 6.23 ◌ 6.24

  • Melanie’s introduction
  • Folder Poetry Part I
  • DLL class folder structures
  • Reintroducing ourselves to our computers

Can code express love?

Week 3 ◌ 6.30 ◌ 7.1

  • Folder Poetry Part II
  • Group share ?

Week 4 ◌ 7.7 ◌ 7.8

  • Codes Words Spells
  • Python intro in the terminal
  • Transition to Python with Anaconda

Week 5 ◌ 7.14 ◌ 7.15

  • Introduction to natural language processing
  • Python methods
  • Computational love letters & language

Week 6 ◌ 7.21 ◌ 7.22

  • Guest lecturer, Neta Bomani sharing Zines as a Loving Practice of Abolition
  • Group share ?

Week 7 ◌ 7.28 ◌ 7.29

  • Guest lecturer, Emma Rae sharing Hand Coding Round Robin

Week 8 ◌ 8.4 ◌ 8.5

  • Code as a Gift
  • Text inputs with Flask & more NLP in Python

Week 9 ◌ 8.11 ◌ 8.12

  • The Presentation Presentation
  • Playful Websites Sharing

Week 10 ◌ 8.18 ◌ 8.19

  • Webzine party
  • Group share ?