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Glitch is an IDE, an in-browser online coding environment for creating things on the web, like webzines and digital gardens!

Adding to our Digital Garden

  • Our digigarden is here:
  • To publish to the digigarden:
    • Create a webpage by starting from one of our Glitch templates listed here
    • Make sure you are logged in and press “Remix” on the top right
    • Now this template has been duplicated under your account
    • Make sure to press the “Preview” button in the bottom right and verify that “Preview pane” is selected so you can see your edits live.
    • When you’re ready, click the purple Share button. Copy the url called “live site”
    • go to
    • Select your choices from the drop downs and name your project something!
    • Press the ⚘ to publish!
  • Now you should see your project link show up when you select the corresponding filters in the garden!

+=+==+==+==+==+==+==+==+==+==+ channel on Digital Gardens:



  • An introduction to Hand Coding from Emma Rae
  • Open discussion / Overview of our digigarden
  • Intro to web programming with Meg!

Homework for next week ☼☽

  • Next week we will have time for you all to share for 3~ or so minutes, what you’ve been thinking about, what you’ve been making, and what you’ve been reflecting on with each other.
  • Finish customizing and publishing your Love Letter to a Speculative Liberatory Learning Environment and your Folder Poetry to our digital Garden.
  • Optionally, you can also create a new webpage to publish to the garden that will hold what you would like to share next week. You can always choose how to *classify* your pages when publishing to the garden.
    • Next week you can share your folder poem, your learning environment, reflections on the reading, or something else related to what you’ve been going through with us in Digital Love Languages.

Sign up for special Gardening office hours where we will collectively iterate on the homepage of the garden together over time!

^ Details announced soon!

Optionally, listen to this interview with Tabita Rezaire: