• Passing Notes
  • Overview of the DLL Digital Garden Party
    • What to share?
      • Next week i’ll give a Presentation Presentation
    • Date and timing (in two weeks same time as our last class)
  • Would you like to design the poster in a working group for sharing session?
    • send a message to the #dll-poster discord channel!

Consensual Hacking can be a vulnerable space of cooperation and trust. Consensual Hacking is a guided activity where people carefully and consensually enter one another’s personal computers remotely. What is social and digital consent and how are they interwoven? What does it mean to responsibly give and take access and control to our most intimate digital spaces? Is there pleasure to be found in a bounded exchange of trust and vulnerability? In this workshop, we will learn about secure networking and navigating the terminal. Part of this is about creatively thinking through what our boundaries and desires are by designing and signing sociotechnical contracts; a social and digital protocol towards a loving, secure, & mutual transgression.

Consensual Hacking Contract tour!


💛💛💛 In Class Project 💛💛💛


[[In class Demo]]

Together in class we will create a sms text bot that will text us (or our friends) computer generated poetry!

In this exercise we will play with / learn about:

  • Running python in the terminal instead of jupyter notebook!
  • APIs
    • API’s are a go-between for different software platforms. They allow two unrelated applications to “talk” to each other.
  • API keys (the keys that lets us access the API)

  1. Sign up for a free account on
  2. verify your account with your email
  3. if asked what language, answer Python
  4. respond that “No” you will not be hosting your code on twilio
  5. verify your personal phone number at some point! this may not happen til we are coding

For Macs, in your terminal run:

  • brew install python3
  • pip3 install twilio

For Windows, verify python3 and pip are installed

Python code to pull inspiration from for your projects!

Python Bag of tricks:

Python Codes Words Spells:

Supplemental: Python Generated Poetry Website Templates

More Python Resources

  • Natural Language Processing with SpaCy, notebook by Allison Parrish
    • This notebook covers, parts of speech, proper noun extraction, lemmatizing words, word counts, and more!
  • Python & Tracery, Notebook by Allison Parrish
    • “A Tracery grammar is a series of rules that tell the computer how to put text together, piece by piece. Tracery grammars consist of a series of rules and expansions.” – Allison Parrish
  • Web Scraping with Python, tutorials by Sam Lavigne
    • Note, this tutorial runs Python in the terminal, not Jupyter, dm the stewards with questions if you have ’em!


Digital Love Languages, A Digital Garden Party

  • A celebration of having shared 10 weeks together, a goodbye <3
  • An experience to share and express what digital love languages means to you and what it could mean to others. an expression of love languages shared digitally in and of itself
  • A collective gift to those who are curious about what digital love languages are

Here is a message sent in slack from a student, Drey Jonathan, to fellow students durning Code Societies 2020

Notes on what to share

  • Each person will have 5minutes to share something. This can include sharing your screen (slides! desktop cinema! photos! raw code!) or it can just be you speaking <3
  • What you share can be something you already made (like a folder poem!) OR something else such as your reflections on what digital love languages means to you now
  • Examples of things you could show / talk about:
    • reflections on what digital love languages means to you now
    • moments from the class that stood out to you, either in class or even conversations you’ve had about the class outside of the class itself
    • notes on liberatory learning environments
    • folder poem
    • a gift you made for someone with code
    • a hand coded website
    • Learning / unlearning
    • Anti-racist computation
    • markov chain poetry, lyrics, weather reports, etc.
  • It can be a group project or an individual project
  • Start thinking/working on it now but know that all levels of ✨polish✨ are ok.
  • again, what you share can be a discrete project or it can be a thoughtful reflection of your experiences of Digital Love Languages
  • It can be an physical or digital thing you document, an object, a poem, a computer generated poem, a zine, a performance, an activity, a score

Here is a message Taeyoon shared with Code Societies students as they prepared for the showcase:

Homework for next week ☼☽

Continue thinking about what you would like to share for the Digital Garden Party. There will be time next week to share and receive feedback on your ideas.

☼ Make sure your group project is planted in the digital garden! You and your partner can adapt this template:!/dll-folder-poetry


☼ For a unidirectional (safe) Consensual Hacking, which we will do next week, make a python program you would like your classmates to play with on the hacked computer in file that can be run from the terminal. It ends in .py instead of .ipynb.

Suggested reading:

Building Consentful Tech by Una Lee and Dann Toliver