Today is about programming with your friends (known by some as pair programming)

☽ Agenda

Digital Gardening Group Gentle Chaos Exercise

Web Resources Doc: Editing the digital garden

In your groups, edit in the commons section your group’s tag or class


  1. <body>
    1. (color, background, etc)
  2. .content,
  3. .filter-category, .days, .words, .projects
  4. .footer, .title
  5. <marquee> (add this one!)
  6. <img> (add this one!)

Agenda Continued..

  • Last Week’s class page here
  • Notebook from last week here
  • Max’s Bag of Tricks (link here) – Text Methods!
    • Download this folder and save it in your home folder or somewhere accessible from you home folder such as Downloads or Desktop
    • Launch Anaconda and open Jupyter Notebook
    • Navigate to where you saved bag-of-tricks.ipynb
  • Supplemental Python Coding Practice – Programming together!

Markov Chain Glich Website!

Letters From the Beginning by Amber Officer-Narvasa

Remix a Markov chain website Here!

☼ Homework for next week

Passing notes in class

  • In pairs, discuss with each other what your preferred platform to receive a word based message is that you both agree on and exchange the necessary info from each other to send/receive.
    • You and your partner don’t have to choose the same way to receive a message
    • Examples
      • snail mail ?
      • an sms text
      • a signal text
      • a voice recording text of you reading the note aloud
      • email
      • instagram dm
      • reddit comment on an obscure subreddit
      • youtube comment on your favorite music video
  • Create a new .ipynb file and building off of, manipulating, and editing parts of the code we went through in class, create a poem or a note to share with your partner. Send it to them using their preferred medium platform.

👁 Examples from DLL 2020!~:

To document and share your note

  • Take a photo or screenshot of your message embedded in the medium you sent it to your partner in. (Example: photo of a mailed letter or screenshot of a text or an audio file of you reading the note aloud)

Publish your website to the garden under the project title ‘Passing Notes’ — We will have 2 weeks to work on this!

I recommend starting from the Folder Poetry Glitch template to publish your Passing Note:!/dll-folder-poetry


folder poem by Caiu

What is a reading you would like to share with the class?

Supplemental Coding Exercises